our history
In 2010, in a backyard in Shenzhen, China, our original founder took an old surfboard and created two places—one to sit and another to keep his diving gear. That’s right, fishi kayak was born out of a passion for scuba diving. But as the ship appeared on the water and on the beach, people started asking. Originally built as a fiberglass kayak, several people started asking how they could get one.


We started boat trips to resorts around the world. While on vacation, kayakers sitting on top for the first time will enjoy paddling ocean kayaks. Because we mold 900#s into every boat… Vacationers go home and call us, tell us how much they had fun…and ask where they can get their own ocean kayaks. Word has spread, and we’ve been building and selling boats at the fastest pace in recent years.

Today, after thousands of boats, we are one of the largest manufacturers of seated kayaks in the world. Our business is located in Old Town Maine, but we distribute kayaks around the world. As we move into the future, we plan to continue to innovate and design our boats to get more people out to sea and enjoy kayaking.